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Terry Eberhart

Hi, I am Terry Eberhart, Executive Director of the Education Connection Project for the Social Media Club’s Global Operations as well as an Adjunct Professor of Finance and Economics.

I have a broad background in business and financial analysis, economics, information technology and education. A couple years ago, I changed my focus to serving as an educator in higher education. I believe post secondary education (particularly at community colleges) plays an increasingly critical role in the economic vitality of our community and nation, as well as the quality of life for those in our area. This area faces an increasingly complex set of simultaneous challenges in this time of globalization, economic stress and societal transformation fueled by information technology. I look forward to being part of meeting this challenge as an educator, employee, colleague, collaborator, messenger, or in whatever other forms that may arise. One of my goals is to lead in the use of social media and information technologies to improve the effectiveness of the communities and organizations I am connected with.

Terry Eberhart's Background

Terry Eberhart's Experience

Review and Advisory Board at Higher Education Teaching and Learning Portal

November 2010 - July 2011

Associate Faculty at Ashford University

December 2010 - June 2011

Teaching Economics online.

National Advisory Board at Social Media Club Education Connection

November 2010 - June 2011

The advisory board is tasked with determining the priorities for SMCEDU, assisting in securing grants for its programs, identifying key insights for success and sharing their insights with other educators and social media professionals.

Adjunct Faculty - School of Management at Nazareth College

January 2010 - June 2011

Senior Global Business Finance Director/ Financial Analyst at Kodak

June 1992 - April 2007

Financial Analyst at kodak

July 1991 - June 1992

Foreign Exchange Trader at Eastman Kodak

June 1989 - July 1991

Micro-Economist at Kodak

July 1987 - June 1989

Internal Consultant - Industrial and Systems Engineering at Eastman Kodak

June 1985 - July 1987

Executive Director and Chair of Board of Advisors at Social Media Club Education Connection

June 2011

more to come...

Adjunct Faculty at Colorado Technical University

December 2010

Teaching courses in Economics and Finance in the online division.

COE at Teeconomics

July 2009

Chief of Everything: consulting, training and counselor in a variety of areas.

Adjunct Faculty at Monroe Community College

September 2008

Teaching Economics and Personal Money Management courses.

Terry Eberhart's Education

Rochester Institute of Technology

2007 – 2008

NA-Post Grd.

University of Rochester - William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration

1988 – 1995


Concentration: Finance and Economics

The Ohio State University

1983 – 1985


Concentration: Systems and Industrial Engineering

Penn State University

1978 – 1983


Concentration: Mining Engineering

Canton South

1971 – 1976

Terry Eberhart's Interests & Activities

Economics, Personal Finance, Educating, Life Long Learning, IT, Distance/Online Education, Sustainability, Current Issues, Critical Thinking, Meta-cognition, Networking, Finance, Social Media, Connecting, Being part of solutions. On the personal side, my wife and I enjoy lead and follow dancing, gardening perennials, reading, IT, various outdoor activities, our now-grown children and a miniature poodle which we share with another couple. Groups and Associations: American Economics Association (AEA), Social Media Global Education Connection Project(SMGECP), Social Media Club (SMC Global Organization), SMC - Rochester, SMC - EDU, New York State Association for Computers and Technology in Education, New York State Union of Teachers, Owner / Manager of the Rochester, NY Residents Group and Social Media Club Education Connection - SMCEDU group on LinkedIn.

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